Hess Orthodontics Earth Day Riverview FLHess and VanLandschoot Orthodontics and team will be joining the world in acknowledging Earth Day on April 22nd as a way to demonstrate our support for environmental protections.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 among two thousand colleges and universities, approximately 10.000 primary and secondary schools, and hundreds of communities across the US. Twenty million Americans ventured outside for peaceful demonstrations in favor of environmental reform. Today, this event is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.Read more on Celebrate Earth Day with Hess and VanLandschoot Orthodontics…

We are proud to announce that Hess & VanLandschoot Orthodontics received first place in the Small Business category at the Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards! The ceremony, held at the Hilton Tampa Downtown on February 27th, celebrated the local businesses that make a daily impact on the Tampa Bay community.

We at Hess & VanLandschoot Orthodontics are honored to be recognized for the service and dedication we provide to our patients. In an interview after the awards ceremony, Dr. VanLandschoot said, “Technology has changed a lot, especially in the last ten years, and our practice prides itself on being very technologically advanced.”

Our team truly appreciates the opportunity to get to know patients and make a difference in their lives. Dr. Hess attributes a large amount of the practice’s success to the excellent staff: “The reason we’re successful is having such a great team that works with us, and we appreciate them all so much.”

Check out the behind-the-scenes interview with the doctors after the show:

Read more on First Place at Bright House Networks Regional Business Awards!…

At Hess Orthodontics we want all our patients to have fun at Halloween. It’s all about decorations, costumes, and having a good time. But we also want to make sure you don’t have any problems with your orthodontic appliances when enjoying your Halloween goodies. Watch the video below to find out how.

The video offer patients and moms some great ideas on what sweets you can make for those wearing braces to prevent damage caused by chewy, sticky, hard, and crunching goodies. The video was created by the Food Network and the American Association of Orthodontics. Find out what kids of all ages can eat without breaking wires and brackets before and after Halloween. Read more on Halloween No No’s – Chewy, Sticky, Hard and Crunchy…