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Elephants: Did you know their tusks are overgrown incisors used for scooping and digging up food? These giant mammals also grind down their molars. Their molars can weigh up to 10 lbs and measure one foot wide. If they lose their tusks, they can then grow replacements up to six times during their lives. Read more on Here Are Some Fun Facts About Animal Teeth…

It’s been just over two months since I started my orthodontic journey and there has been so much change in such a short amount of time! The entire process of getting adjusted to the brackets has been a bit challenging at times.

I felt like I had to learn what and how to eat all over again! However, I have already grown more comfortable with the braces and rubber bands, and find it much easier to chew food now. The adjustment didn’t take as long as I initially thought it might.

In addition I feel like I can truly relate to my patients now that I am getting to experience first-hand this amazing new orthodontic technology called Insignia. I’m so excited to be sharing my Insignia journey with you. Check back soon for even more progress!

Stephanie Two Months with Insignia Braces at Hess & VanLandschoot Orthodontics

So I’m just over my two-month mark into having my Insignia braces and I feel well adjusted. I still can’t get over how quickly my teeth have moved and the amount of confidence I’ve already gained from seeing these changes so soon.

My smile has widened and more of my teeth can be seen when I smile. Overall, I think my smile looks better and I’m showing it more often now too!

Drs. Hess and VanLandschoot say my braces should be off by this fall as long as everything continues to go as planned and I continue to wear my elastics like I’ve been instructed. Check out my before and current pictures below and see the changes for yourself!


Andrea's 2-month photo of Insignia braces treatment at Hess & VanLandschoot Orthodontics

Many consumers are confused why they should choose an orthodontist in the Riverview, Lithia and Apollo Beach FL areas at Hess and VanLandschoot Orthodontics versus a general dentist or pedodontist to straighten their teeth with braces or Invisalign. Plain and Simple… the answer is experience and training.

Riverview FL Difference between dentist and orthodontist

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